Real Estate, Real Estate, Cherniak Law,Contract and Civil Litigation

Real Estate, Contract and Civil Litigation

Few people want to go to court, but sometimes it is the only option.  When a real estate deal falls apart, a tenant refuses to pay rent or a landlord goes too far, a lawsuit may be necessary.  In business, it is important to enforce good contracts and consult a lawyer when it is time to terminate a bad contract.  People should also consult a lawyer when they lose their job, while businesses need to know the law to deal with their employees.

Jason Cherniak has extensive experience in real estate law, contracts and litigation.  He has successfully represented clients obtaining the payment of real estate deposits when deals are breached, enforcing and defending against mortgages and litigating lease disputes.  He has also assisted many clients in resolving general business disputes and breaches of contracts both in and out of court.

Cherniak Law, Real Estate, Property, Municipal and Development Law

Real Estate, Property, Municipal & Development Law

Cherniak Law provides reliable services for land related business deals including commercial real estate transactions.  Jason Cherniak has acted on all stages of the home development process, including multi-million dollar land deals, cost-sharing agreements, subdivisions and the sale of hundreds of new homes in multiple subdivisions.

Cherniak Law provides standard real estate services for new and existing homeowners at the following set fees:

Home Purchase – $700
Mortgage for a purchase – $250
Home Sale – $600
Mortgage discharge for a Sale – $75
Mortgage Refinance alone – $600
Mortgage Discharge alone – $300
Notice of Sale – $1,000
Sale by Power of Sale – $1,500

Prices do not include out of pocket expenses and HST.

Cherniak Law, Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates

Everybody needs a will, but it is not always easy to know when to do it.  Most people tend to think about their wills when they get married, have children, after their children grow up or if their marriage does not work out.  It is very important to ensure that you have a will that supports your family or the causes that you care about, and minimizes your tax obligations.

Jason Cherniak can help you with your first will, or review and revise your existing will to ensure that your wishes are respected.  He can also assist in estate administration to ensure that the wishes of you and your loved ones are respected.

Estate services include:

Standard Will with Powers of Attorney – $450
Standard Wills for a couple with Powers of Attorney- $750
Individual Powers of Attorney – $100
Administering a will – Please call for a quote
Challenging or defending a will – Hourly rate

Prices do not include out of pocket expenses and HST.

Cherniak Law Corporate Law

Business Deals

Businesses deal with legal issues every day.  Some examples include businesses hiring employees, purchasing goods, agreeing to long-term business relationships and offering services to the public.  Businesses also need legal advice to open up, bring in new investors and purchase or sell their assets.

Jason Cherniak has experience negotiating and writing all of the above agreements and more.  As a business owner himself, he understands the importance of deadlines, efficiency and reliable advice.

Cherniak Law, Internet, Libel, Slander and Copyright Law

Internet, Libel and Slander

Reputation is a person or company’s most important asset.  It can affect a person’s job, family and even mental health.  For a business, reputation problems can harm profitability, scare away clients and even lead to bankruptcy.  In the modern world of social media, people can write anything they want and clients or contacts can find those comments on Google.  As a result, it is harder than ever to protect your reputation.

Jason Cherniak has been actively involved in online politics and blogging, so he knows the subject matter on a first-hand basis. He has successfully represented clients in lawsuits to transfer website ownership, remove offensive content, obtain apologies and end harassment.  This allows clients to move on with their lives and businesses to achieve success without malicious online postings holding them back.